I am a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Ryerson University, in Toronto, Canada. Before joining Ryerson in 2006, I taught for nearly a decade at Buffalo State College, in Buffalo, NY.

I received a BA in philosophy from McGill University, and a PhD in philosophy from MIT. 

​I am the Editorial Board Co-ordinator of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy. We are published in partnership with Taylor&Francis.

I am currently holding an Insight grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. My aim is to complete a monograph developing the idea that believing is a sort of rational capacity. 

I am also a collaborating member of Christine Tappolet's research project, Les Fondements de la Normativité (Foundations of Normativity), which is funded by the Québec government and based at the University of Montréal. The grant is for $362,000 and runs until 2021.

David Hunter